Die WeinStein-Kiste

... a noble box for noble drops

More than just a wooden box…

With the Wein-Stein-Kiste you purchase a quality wooden box with lid, hinges and metal lock. It is the perfect present idea for a wedding, birthday, graduation or jubilee. The box has space for 3 bottles of wine, whiskey, liquor or anything else you would like to include. Each box is unique with it’s own individually engraved lid. Whether a name, a quotation, a picture whatever you see fit is engraved by hand on each box.

…the present package for every occasion

weinkiste_startseite_01For anybody who does not want to fill the box with wine the „KeinWein-Kiste“ provides the perfect package for numerous other presents – whether it be a gourmet box for food connoisseurs or a box full of chocolates and sweets for those with a sweet tooth – the lid of the box can be engraved with pictures of chocolate, pasta, cheese – in fact almost anything. Use the box as a present for somebody moving house and include a bottle opener for the first bottle of wine, or a voucher for a pizza service. The only limitation is the size of the box.

weinkiste_startseite_02lEach box is unique

Each Weinstein-Kiste is handcrafted. An individual layout is created with the chosen motive and name and then this is engraved onto the lid by hand – a package that presents any good quality wine perfectly. The box will certainly outlive the contents and it makes any present more personal.