Die WeinStein-Kiste

... a noble box for noble drops

Occasions for using a Wein-Stein-Kiste as a present are as abundant as life is eventful:

Whether a wedding, birth of a child or a christening, a first day at school, completion of a degree or retirement, the choice is huge. If you would like to use one of the boxes for something other than wine you will find many examples and ideas on this web page.

Should you have your own ideas or wishes just ask me!

Beispiele für Geburt oder Taufe

Congratulatory box forthe birth of a baby or a christening

Will the birth year provide an exquisite year? Who knows? Why not fill a box with 3 bottles of wine that will improve with age? When the time comes to drink the wine the box could be used to collect memories – baby’s first shoes, first drawing, scripts with first words, or particularly amusing sentences.

If the box is to be used as a christening present the inside can also be engraved with the date of the christening or with any symbol or quotation related to the event.

Beispiele für Kommunion

Box for Memories – First Communion or Confirmation

Artistic elements including the name of the child and the date of the occasion can be included and adapted to match the chosen motive.

For a small additional charge a personal dedication can be engraved onto the interior lid of the box.

Suggestions for the contents of the box: a book, a fountain pen, or a voucher or cash present.

After the celebration the box can be used to store congratulatory cards, photos, or anything associated with the build up to the special day or from the special day itself.

Beispiele für Hochzeitskisten
True Love

Wedding Boxes

A noble wooden box engraved with any future family name as a wedding present.

Artistic elements could include both first names of the couple and their new married name. Alternatively you can use only the couples first names and the date of the wedding.

Various picture elements are also available. Any individual wishes not included here can be catered for.

Beispiele für Silberhochzeit oder Goldhochzeit
Love never dies. . .

Congratulation boxes for Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries

Here are some designs especially for Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries.

Should you prefer to use a design from the Wedding section – no problem!

At little extra cost an individual dedication can also be engraved on the inside cover of the box.

Beispiele für Geburtstag
Happy Birthday to you. . .

Birthday box for any “big” birthday

Wouldn’t it be nice if a famous wine were to be named after me? The illusion is perfect – all names appear classy when added to a wine label.

The name of the person receiving the gift can be linked to the name of e.g. a French or an Italian quality wine.

The use of nicknames or any other personal link to the person can also be used – individuality is the key...

Beispiele für 18. Geburtstag
Children, children. . .
Haven’t you grown. . .

Birthday celebration boxfor an 18th birthday

Children grow so quickly... in this box you can store and collect almost anything from childhood days: the first work of art, first birthday or Christmas present lists, photos from kindergarten or school...

Of course there is also space for something new e.g. a book, a voucher or sweets...

For a small additional cost an individual dedication can be engraved on the inside lid.

Beispiele für Passionskisten
Passion can be so beautiful

Passion Boxes

The passion box is an exquisite wooden box with a hand-engraved lid in an individual design that combines the name and passion of a close friend or relative.

The box is an ideal present for any special birthday, or for any special person with an individual hobby - a box perfect for anybody who has a sense and feel of something individual and special.

For a small additional cost it is possible to engrave the inside of the lid with a quote or dedication.

What can you pack into the box? Anything and everything – there are no boundaries to your imagination: a bottle of wine, accessories for sport, make-up, guitar strings, riding gloves, golf balls, etc. You could even include a quality box of chocolates or truffles, a reference book or any combination.

Beispiele für Nähkisten
Hand-made always a winner!

Sewing or handicraft box

A beautiful wooden box with a name and an engraved picture that matches the contents of the box.

Individual wishes can be taken into account.

For a minimal additional cost the inside lid can also be personalised.

Beispiele für Danke
Merci, Cherie . . .

Thank you box

A quality box with the engraving „Thank You“ for any person close to your heart who needs a big or a small thank you.

Any motive, any style, any quote can be chosen for this box. Why not integrate the name of the person receiving the present - anything is possible.

For a minimal additional cost an additional picture or quote can also be engraved on the inside of the box.

The box offers plenty of space for a good bottle of wine, pasta, fine oil and vinegar, an exciting book or any combination.

Beispiele für Halbe Kistchen
Alle Einzelheiten
individuell zusammengefasst!

Ordnung macht die Halbe Kiste!

Ein schöne Kiste aus Massivholz mit Namen und Schriftzug verziert in der die unterschiedlichsten Dinge Platz finden. Diese schöne Schatulle ist aus zwei unterschiedlich farbigen Holzarten hochwertig verarbeitet.
Die Maße von 280 x 195 x 90 mm haben eine praktische Größe, die, auf dem Schreibtisch platziert, hübsch aussieht und hilft, Ordnung zu halten oder aber auch in eine Schublade passt.
Des weiteren stehen diverse Bildmotive zur Auswahl, natürlich können auch individuelle Wünsche berücksichtigt werden. Gegen Aufpreis kann in den Innendeckel zusätzlich ein Spruch oder eine Widmung graviert werden.

Beispiele für Reisekisten
For your life’s journey . . .

A collection box fortravel memorabilia (souvenirs)

A beautiful wooden box engraved with the name and picture of any destination provides the perfect place to store all travel memorabilia:

from an unusual crown cap of a lemonade bottle, a business card of your favourite restaurant, the perfect and most unique shell, postcards too nice to be sent and many many other souvenirs, all can be stored safely in this travel box, to be savoured for years to come.

If the box is a present it offers the most perfect package for a guide book, holiday novel, sun cream etc. etc.– the ideas are endless.

Beispiele für (Deutsch) Wiesn-Kisten
Für Wiesnpaare, Wandervögel und Ähnliche.

Kisten fürs Wiesnfest

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Beispiele für Schulkind
A, B, C . . .


A stable wooden box that is perfect as a present for the first big day at school.

The name of your child, the date of the first day at school and an illustration can all decorate the box, making it a very personal present.

Suggestions for the box’s content: coloured pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler, exercise books and paints, perhaps even an alarm clock or a lunch box, sweets and so on and so forth – un-endless possibilities, simply everything that a child needs for school.

After the big day the box can be used to store everything from yourchild’s first exercise book, their first essay or poem, class photos to friendship books etc.

Beispiele für Jubiläumskisten
Carpe Diem

An ideal box to celebrate the opening of a new business or surgery, or a celebratory box for anybody retiring.

Include a name, a logo or any quote as a design element. The inside of the box has space for „anything else you need to say“ and inside there is plenty of space for a bottle of champagne, chocolates or pralines and a good book, or any combination.

Beispiele für Schlemmerkisten
Loves knows no calories

Goodies box

An elegant wooden box full of goodies for who have a sweet tooth or gourmet and hobby cooks alike.

Design elements could be a first name, or any particular favourites in terms of chocolate, cake or biscuits, pasta, or cheese. Furthermore various pictures can also be included. Personal wishes can be accommodated.

The box offers plenty of space for pasta, fine oils and vinegar, luxury chocolates or pralines or a good book.

Beispiele für Zitatkisten
Beautiful words

Boxes with quotations

A wooden box engraved with a suitable quote makes a perfect birthday present.

The quote or motto can be engraved with a matching picture. Individual alterations are possible.

For a minimal additional cost an additional picture or quote can also be engraved on the inside. The box offers plenty of space for a good bottle of wine, an exciting book, goodies of any sorts, a voucher or a combination of any of the above.

Beispiele für Monogram-Box


A quality box with the initials of the person receiving the box engraved on the lid. For each order various designs are made first using different type faces.
An ideal present for any wine lover, food lover, and anybody with a sense of design. For a minimal additional cost an additional picture or quote can also be engraved on the inside of the box.